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JOAN RIVERS (1933-2014)

I turned on the tv and I heard on the news my longtime friend and fashion confidante had passed on and there's been a space in my heart ever since. We had such great connection from the first time we met on E's fashion police in 2011. Our love was an instant connection, I knew I would go on a date with her every Saturday night on E and we would laugh at another creation by Lady Gaga's psycho stylist from Mars or be in awe at how Rihanna could never do no wrong in fashion.
            I sat every week on my favorite couch with my can of pringles hoping one day I would get to meet this incredible woman and she would one day ask me her famous one liner "who are you wearing" and I would in turn answer Jewel by Lisa who by the way is my favorite Nigerian designer.
            Despite my wishes of meeting her not ever seeing the light of day, I was still content that I could watch and share in her awesomeness straight from the tv. The laughs we shared together over…

Wallflower ❀

The other day, she tried to keep her eyes opened while the lecturer rambled on about the wonders of SWOT analysis, but her mind, like her tired eyes, was far from the class.
She looked around and couldn't help asking for the 100th time what she was doing here, she stood out like a sore thumb, old faces looking down at her mirrored her unanswered questions.
She tried again, to no end, to concentrate on what the lecturer was saying and finally gave up and let her mind wonder and settle at a place where she was perfectly happy a place she did give anything to go back to..
Lost in her mind, she noticed him, for a split second she was sure it was her wondering mind, playing tricks on her, her imagination sometimes sliped into reality.
"What do you think". The voice, of the person sitting next to her, brought her back to reality. "About what?" she asked. He pointed to a paragragh on a grainy page of the material the class was discussing, she read through it a…

Place of Grace

I watched his eyes as they changed colour as the sun cast its light on them; “Hazel Nut’’ he calls the colour, but I don’t have a stored up colour palate in my head. All I see are varying shades of brown that I can’t differentiate and yes every shade is beautiful. I watched him laugh loudly as he walked towards his guitar, you know the guitar has a name, TITI and we always talk about it like it is a living human being with a heart and emotion we are all supposed to treat TITI with utmost care.  The first day I really met him 13th of March 2013, yes I love dates and this one is pretty significant to the both of us, it is his birthday and the day I stayed indoors and forced myself to make life changing decisions and in many ways than one it was the start of something new for the both of us, the beginning of a really long friendship.   So feeling liberated and hurt, I walked to church still thinking of all the pain I was sure my eyes showed. I sat at my usually spot for evening service and …

The Gift of Writing

Expressing myself by speaking is never easy; I run through my sentences. If you are not concentrating when I speak you would not hear the words I say. I come from a family of fast talkers. When we have visitors over they struggle to keep up with our conversations. Good thing is that we understand ourselves. We are in sync with our fast speech. So the first identifiable misconception on my part; assuming the rest of the world is like my family in respect to talking. I don’t like the sound of my voice, in my head I sound one way; I sound soft beautiful like the warm voices that writers describe in novels; in reality I sound far from that. When I hear recordings of myself I cringe at the sound of my voice; in reality my voice is so thin, sounds almost cute like that of a coy school girl, ‘’Almost’’ being the operative word. Second problem I have with speaking. I discovered books at an early age; I have a father that would give you a book for your birthday instead of the skip rope you ask…