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JOAN RIVERS (1933-2014)

I turned on the tv and I heard on the news my longtime friend and fashion confidante had passed on and there's been a space in my heart ever since. We had such great connection from the first time we met on E's fashion police in 2011. Our love was an instant connection, I knew I would go on a date with her every Saturday night on E and we would laugh at another creation by Lady Gaga's psycho stylist from Mars or be in awe at how Rihanna could never do no wrong in fashion.
            I sat every week on my favorite couch with my can of pringles hoping one day I would get to meet this incredible woman and she would one day ask me her famous one liner "who are you wearing" and I would in turn answer Jewel by Lisa who by the way is my favorite Nigerian designer.
            Despite my wishes of meeting her not ever seeing the light of day, I was still content that I could watch and share in her awesomeness straight from the tv. The laughs we shared together over…