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For a while now, I've felt like life is over taking me and my dreams. I feel really old and under-achieved. I have a friend that keeps reminding me that ‘’I am in my prime’’ so with this in mind I made a list of 24 things to do in 2016. I am sure my list will make you laugh at some points and give you a picture of what goes on in my mind but most importantly I want it to challenge you to keep living and to chase after your dreams no matter the date on your birth certificate. So here goes; 1)Fall hopeless in love with Abidoye Oreoluwa, because let’s face it, she is awesome. 2)Climb a mountain. 3)Read a new book every week. I know I read more than 52 books by the end of every year but a book can run into different weeks and some weeks pass by without a single book. So one book every week will help build discipline 4)Feed a monkey; I know it is weird but it is something I have always wanted to do. 5)Visit three new states in Nigeria and not states located in western Nigeria. 6)Invest in c…

The End Where I Begin

It was 11:50pm on the 8th of July 2015. I needed time to reflect and be grateful. I switched off the phone I was sure many people would call me on and left the other on. I lay down thinking over one of the many life-changing events of the year. A major heart desire to live alone had come to be.
It was interesting having my own space. I enjoyed the process of decorating my apartment, buying new art pieces for the walls, having a photography wall, colour coordinating my kitchen utensils- that bit was really tricky, finding purple bottom pans was next to impossible.
On the other hand, realistically, it wasn’t fun and excitement at every turn. The constant hassle of planning meals, keeping the apartment clean and all the other stuff was a bit daunting but, this didn’t damper the overall experience.
Mid reflection, my phone rang. It was my friend Ifeoluwa.
‘’Ore mi’’ Ife said when I answered,
‘’Bawo Ni’’ she continued, she didn’t give me the opportunity to respond, very typical of her.
‘’Our ICAN…

Echoes of Love

July 10th 2009, this is the first time I remember my father hugging me. It was the day of my graduation from Trinity  International College Ofada, Ogun state. My father dropped my mum and siblings off at the event and went to secure my admission into Babcock University.
I waited till the last minute to inform anyone about the deadline for the admission. I was holding out a fast dying touch and keeping my fingers crossed that my father would let me pick up the scholarship offer and travel to school in America.
I arrived at school a few days to the graduation. We had a number of activities leading up to the actual ceremony. We had ‘’leavers night’’, an event organised by our juniors for us. I wore a black and white dress and I didn’t smile in any of my photographs because I didn’t know how to.
I called my dad from school that first night a little worried and still holding out my touch for my scholarship. My classmates were talking about moving on, the school they applied to and got in, w…

Letters 04 ( Her Version of Events 1)

Dear Friend,

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I am living by one of my many policies. This is a new one, so I will share with you what it is.
I believe I need to start enjoying every moment of my life and not trying too hard to document it; I document later and let my memories help me relive those moments when I write.

So I went on my first holiday without my family. it is one of the numerous things on my list and just because I really needed a change of environment. I didn’t go with any expectations, just the need to be away from home and explore by myself; so I booked a hotel for a month, packed up my car and left.

My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long that I had gradually started forgetting what it felt like to worry about whether or not the person noticed you enough to match your fluttering heart with theirs. Permit me to steal a line from John Green’s book- The Fault in Our Stars ‘’Falling in love with you is like falling asleep, it starts gradually then all at once’’‎
That is how I…

Letters 03

Dear Friend,
There are a number of things I do behind closed doors; they are like rituals and traditions that are scared to me. In the spirit of new beginnings and learning to live out of my comfort zone I will share a few with you.
Whenever I start a new book, after the first few chapters I fall in love with certain characters and I skip to the end many times to find out if they die. So I am mental and emotionally prepared for their death. Reading a number of Nickolas Sparks’ books is responsible for this.
The next one is still on books; I rewrite endings of books I don’t like. I will explain. When I read a book and the end it too dramatic for me or doesn’t follow the trend I hoped for, I write another ending sometimes just in my head other times when I am inspired I pen my alternate endings on paper. This helps me sleep better at night.
Another is that I write myself in and out of situations, I have a crush on a boy, I write a sappy poem about it and when I am ready to move …

Letters 02

Dear Friend, 
I have been thinking a lot about uncertainty. I know it is something we all try not to think about, we try not to let it bother us, but it is there, lurking in the background. A constant reminder of how unsure we are of the life we live. One thing I have learnt is constant are those beautiful moments. Moments that are mind blowing… Some of them we capture in a photo, a video or even a recording. Like an old photo of my mum and her elder brothers, they are all really young in the photo. My mum couldn't be more than 4 years old in the photo, but she has her mischievous smile on and her brothers are standing behind her like her protector; almost as though they would guard her with their lives. They are all so happy. That moment is perfect because it celebrates the innocence of childhood and the joy of the moment. Or the tape recording my grandpa made of my younger sister crying. Oh she cried a lot when we were younger and now that she is taller than the rest of us we ha…

Through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw

In my years of playing dress up as a child
I understood that what you wore can help define you
But in this store I realized that you might even be able to change who you are
Maybe you could walk in here one person
A kid from Agege and walk out as Lisa Folawiyo
Or the next day you could walk out as 
Scarlett J.
The choice is all yours
Staring at the mannequins
I wanted to be them
They wanted to be me I presumed
At least I get to walk out the door either way
Clothes in hand
A life to live
But in that moment we were one
We both chose to be Rita Dominic
Cos I would have it no other way
In a place filled with clothes I might never get to see
Rita Dominic would be the best alter ego
Or her fashion stylist
It was euphoria just thinking about it
I found a sequin buba blouse
It was staring at me with immense sadness
I stared back in awe
We were both lost in opposite worlds
She wanting to be loved
Me wanting to be shiny
It was a typical tale of the grass is greener on the other side
We exch…

I Set You Free

A thousand moments have I lived
All glistening moments
Those moments led me to you They prepared me for you
Your eyes that are ready to travel
Your feet adventure ready You take my hands in yours
Your soft palm against my calloused palm
You didn't care, you just lead the way You take me on a different kind of journey
A journey rocky, but we find a way to peace
Your beauty always  shinesI can't believe I helped create you
That you are part of me
On rare days I see myself in you I have to set you free,
You have earned your wings
I don't want to set you free I do it anyway...

For Mama

20th June 1965. It was a Sunday morning; Agboola reached over to his bed side table for his glasses and wore it. He was a light sleeper and had heard every turn his wife made during the night, her distress had become his own. He had never been around for the birth of any of his children, when it came time for the heavy duty part of the pregnancy, he was always unavoidably absent. For the birth of his first son he was away in London on study leave and for his second son he was away at a conference he couldn’t get out of attending, on the 5th day of the conference that his wife gave birth to their second son. By some weird stroke of fate he always named his children before they arrived, but this pregnancy was different, he had seen every trimester and watching the whole process left him in awe and gave him a new appreciation for the creative power of God. He hadn’t picked a name and though he had made a number of lists over the course of the last eight and a half months, no name on the list…

Letters 01

Dear Friend,100 days since the last time we spoke, I haven't felt the need to speak to you. I am learning to move through life by myself. So I will give you a quick update, I have driven my car into the wall a few times, this makes everyone laugh when I tell them the stories of the different dents on my car. My hair is almost natural, kinky if you will, I love it, how is looks and how it feels but everyone keeps asking when I will relax it. I stopped wearing earnings because I feel uncomfortable with them and that has lead to a new title "Deeper Life Sister" I am happy I am becoming comfortable with my life decisions and learning that the only person I owe an explanation is God and myself. I started a manuscript titled "Dates" it is moving slowly but I am proud I started and it feels like it is going to be something really great and a good read. They are simple stories about Nigeria, that I believe need to be told. I am accepting love, it isn't easy co…

Through Mr Johnson's Eyes

My really good friend Mr Johnson spent the last year, serving our country in Imo State.
He takes really good photos so I will share a few of Imo State 
I really want to see Nigeria one day travel state to state that sort of thing and I pray it is possible.
But before that happens I will visit in photos.
I know this doesn’t address the big issues like politics, global warming, tribalism etc but I also know that little things matter The tragic thing about Imo, Owerri specifically, (and Nigeria by extension) is that it had some of the best public spectacles – awesome theaters, kickass stadiums, handball courts (How many of you have actually seen a game of handball played, it’s quite intriguing) It’s tragic really, because it ‘WAS’ not ‘IS’ – imagine a Nigeria where It was common place to hang out at the stadium and watch the local teams practice while the stadium management harasses you for littering (because face it, you’ll be littering one way or the other) or a Nigeria whe…


I don't think I want to get out of bed  I'd much rather lay here instead Counting imaginary starts in my head Sit, stand, no lay back down I decide to lay back down Whatever I have to do I will take it slow Slow, steady maybe I'd  win the race Even if I don't win maybe I'd place Tomorrow seems like a better time to get out of bed Maybe start working on THE PROJECT  Get some lines on paper Work up an amazing caper But all that can wait till tomorrow Right now I think I'll lay back down
Keep counting the stars

4749 Days

It was the third weekend after my Grandfather's death, my mum; sister and I were in Ilorin holding the fort till my uncles arrived.
I remember everything about that summer because I learnt my first lessons on death many more will follow in the years to come. The fleeting nature of life how one minute there is peace in your world and the next everything is in total chaos.
I watched everyone coming to the house to pay their condolences from my seat on the stairs separated by a floor length cupboard so I was out of sight to the visitors in the setting room and I listened to all the stories they were telling about my Grandfather. The stories brought me closer to me Grandfather, helped me understand him better, I learnt  about kindness and the love he showed to others and how his life set an example for other men to tailor their lives.
I wanted to punch some people in the face. The first question many people ask when a person dies is how old the person was, like the number of years li…