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Through Mr Johnson's Eyes

My really good friend Mr Johnson spent the last year, serving our country in Imo State.
He takes really good photos so I will share a few of Imo State 
I really want to see Nigeria one day travel state to state that sort of thing and I pray it is possible.
But before that happens I will visit in photos.
I know this doesn’t address the big issues like politics, global warming, tribalism etc but I also know that little things matter The tragic thing about Imo, Owerri specifically, (and Nigeria by extension) is that it had some of the best public spectacles – awesome theaters, kickass stadiums, handball courts (How many of you have actually seen a game of handball played, it’s quite intriguing) It’s tragic really, because it ‘WAS’ not ‘IS’ – imagine a Nigeria where It was common place to hang out at the stadium and watch the local teams practice while the stadium management harasses you for littering (because face it, you’ll be littering one way or the other) or a Nigeria whe…