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Through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw

In my years of playing dress up as a child
I understood that what you wore can help define you
But in this store I realized that you might even be able to change who you are
Maybe you could walk in here one person
A kid from Agege and walk out as Lisa Folawiyo
Or the next day you could walk out as 
Scarlett J.
The choice is all yours
Staring at the mannequins
I wanted to be them
They wanted to be me I presumed
At least I get to walk out the door either way
Clothes in hand
A life to live
But in that moment we were one
We both chose to be Rita Dominic
Cos I would have it no other way
In a place filled with clothes I might never get to see
Rita Dominic would be the best alter ego
Or her fashion stylist
It was euphoria just thinking about it
I found a sequin buba blouse
It was staring at me with immense sadness
I stared back in awe
We were both lost in opposite worlds
She wanting to be loved
Me wanting to be shiny
It was a typical tale of the grass is greener on the other side
We exch…

I Set You Free

A thousand moments have I lived
All glistening moments
Those moments led me to you They prepared me for you
Your eyes that are ready to travel
Your feet adventure ready You take my hands in yours
Your soft palm against my calloused palm
You didn't care, you just lead the way You take me on a different kind of journey
A journey rocky, but we find a way to peace
Your beauty always  shinesI can't believe I helped create you
That you are part of me
On rare days I see myself in you I have to set you free,
You have earned your wings
I don't want to set you free I do it anyway...

For Mama

20th June 1965. It was a Sunday morning; Agboola reached over to his bed side table for his glasses and wore it. He was a light sleeper and had heard every turn his wife made during the night, her distress had become his own. He had never been around for the birth of any of his children, when it came time for the heavy duty part of the pregnancy, he was always unavoidably absent. For the birth of his first son he was away in London on study leave and for his second son he was away at a conference he couldn’t get out of attending, on the 5th day of the conference that his wife gave birth to their second son. By some weird stroke of fate he always named his children before they arrived, but this pregnancy was different, he had seen every trimester and watching the whole process left him in awe and gave him a new appreciation for the creative power of God. He hadn’t picked a name and though he had made a number of lists over the course of the last eight and a half months, no name on the list…

Letters 01

Dear Friend,100 days since the last time we spoke, I haven't felt the need to speak to you. I am learning to move through life by myself. So I will give you a quick update, I have driven my car into the wall a few times, this makes everyone laugh when I tell them the stories of the different dents on my car. My hair is almost natural, kinky if you will, I love it, how is looks and how it feels but everyone keeps asking when I will relax it. I stopped wearing earnings because I feel uncomfortable with them and that has lead to a new title "Deeper Life Sister" I am happy I am becoming comfortable with my life decisions and learning that the only person I owe an explanation is God and myself. I started a manuscript titled "Dates" it is moving slowly but I am proud I started and it feels like it is going to be something really great and a good read. They are simple stories about Nigeria, that I believe need to be told. I am accepting love, it isn't easy co…