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For a while now, I've felt like life is over taking me and my dreams. I feel really old and under-achieved. I have a friend that keeps reminding me that ‘’I am in my prime’’ so with this in mind I made a list of 24 things to do in 2016. I am sure my list will make you laugh at some points and give you a picture of what goes on in my mind but most importantly I want it to challenge you to keep living and to chase after your dreams no matter the date on your birth certificate. So here goes; 1)Fall hopeless in love with Abidoye Oreoluwa, because let’s face it, she is awesome. 2)Climb a mountain. 3)Read a new book every week. I know I read more than 52 books by the end of every year but a book can run into different weeks and some weeks pass by without a single book. So one book every week will help build discipline 4)Feed a monkey; I know it is weird but it is something I have always wanted to do. 5)Visit three new states in Nigeria and not states located in western Nigeria. 6)Invest in c…