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The Ore Mobile

It was a few days to Passing out Parade (POP) from NYSC. We were driving down pipeline road in Ilorin, Kwara State, coming from the mall we just saw the movie Pan and enjoyed it not because of the fine acting but the shared joy of being together, Moyo, Tofu, Rayo and I.
We wanted the night to last longer so we walked from store to store window shopping and pretending like we didn’t know what each store had to offer. We all settled down at one of the wooden tables with ice cream cones, all talking at the same time and laughing hysterically.
On our ride home Moyo called shot gun with that came the role of DJ for the ride. I got into the driver’s seat, Tofu and Rayo in the back; I took in the view of the mall at night. I have always believed that places looked better at night with all the different colour lights from various stores lighting up the mall.
Moyo decided it was love night, so we started the ride home with John Legend’s ‘’All of me’’ then moved on to the A Great Big World’s ‘’…