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Playlist of A Closet Romantic

I believe it would be interesting to let my readers in on a few the fell good songs I love to listen to.

So I made a ''You Tube'' Playlist, the songs are in no particular order and I believe it is an evolving playlist, songs will definitely get added on in the future.

I hope you enjoy it!!!!!


A few weeks ago, ‘’Hey Soul Sister’’ by Train was playing on the radio. The song took me down memory lane to a period in my life I haven’t given any consideration to in the last two years.
It was second semester in our third year in the university, we were seated next to each other in a Financial Accounting class our seats were located in the middle of the class and considering our lecturer’s bedroom voice it wasn’t the best choice.I didn’t want to be the one that lost out on our current deal, so I was faking concentration, refusing to acknowledge that you were stealing long glances at me whenever you took a break from writing your note.
I wanted so bad to wrap my free hand in yours and let you trace circles on the inside of my palm but that would mean losing our deal and my pride was larger than my need for touching hands.
My fake concentration broke when you reached for your ear phones and placed them in my ears and the first line of the Train song blasted into my head ‘’Lip stick stai…