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Playlist of A One Woman Driving Party

This evening, I got stuck in traffic and I noticed this woman looking at me as I sang at the top of my lungs and danced away my sorrows. I smiled at her and continued my one woman party.

I had a light bulb moment not long after; that I should share my current ‘’driving/traffic’’ playlist with you.
P.S. All the songs on the playlist are from Bethel Music. So it is a Worship Party.

Tales of a North Central Corper Part 1

I couldn’t take my eyes off her drawn eyebrows, she must have shaved the last trace of hair off many years ago, from where I stood, it looked like she chose a semi liquid eye liner and made perfect semicircles where her eyebrows used to be.  I took my eyes off her eyebrows and concentrated on other parts of her appearance, she was dressed in ‘’iro’’ and ‘’buba’’ and had on matching head tie in gold and black. This made her look like a wedding guest instead of the vice principal special duties of the secondary school that was to be my home for the next one year. I listened to her jump from Yoruba to English as she talked to me about the ‘’time book’’ I needed to sign on days I came to work, the ‘’pink card’’ that had a list of my classes and ‘’dress code’’ that was appropriate for work. I had to stop myself from laughing out loud at that point, I made a mental note to laugh about it later. Finally she handed me a collection of WAEC past questions on Literature in English, a pile of pho…

Pretty Cute or Beautiful

The gold framed mirror in my bathroom reminds me of the mirror in Snow White. Here am I standing right in front of it and doing what the Evil Queen did in the enchanting story, “mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest in the land?” My question is different though, it is; “Am I beautiful enough, mirror?”
On good days I find an answer, I say to myself; 'yes I am beautiful', on bad days I just keep looking at my reflection in the mirror searching for a beautiful feature on my face. I remember when my face started breaking out, I was in Primary 4 when the first pimple appeared then the next one and soon I had a face full of these pesky tiny boil like things on my face. I made the mistake of pinching them off and that has left me with tiny dark scars. 
Maami noticed I was disturbed by the pimples, she said to me ‘’you look pretty thisphase would pass’’
Fast-forward to my first year in secondary school. My English teacher gave an assignment to differentiate between pretty, cute …