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8th July 2015

Dear Oreoluwa You are about to get a text from ICAN that would make you feel like your world is crumbling and someone is twisting your insides. I need you to know that this isn’t the end of the world and your insides are fine. I know your birthday is tomorrow and you want to stay in bed and wallow in self-pity. Please don’t plan a trip to the dam, Mo will take the best photos of you and Tofu would surprise you with a cake for the first time since your fifth birthday. Cut your hair, it is long overdue don’t worry it would grow, take longer walks, have longer conversations with Aunty Kemi and Mr Mayor they have an arsenal of knowledge you would need in the coming months. Stop running to Lagos every weekend, you would miss Ilorin so much when you leave and not have the opportunity to visit.
Your holiday to Ibadan would be life changing, your inspiration for life would be renewed and you will meet and accidentally fall for someone, don’t think too much of it, just go with it. This experience…

For My Sisters

I miss the late night parties we had. We made the poor life decision of eating spicy noodles and smoked chicken 1 a.m. in the morning. We had ice cream to go with it on some nights and on some other night we had cold drinks but on every occasion cold water served us just fine. We laughed about this poor life choice; we cared less about the bloating stomach that followed, we were just happy to be alive in the moment and share a good meal. We talked while we cooked, we laughed about life, worried about which direction our lives were headed, asked  why we were still single, when our love story would happen and we cried when everything we were dealing with in our separate lives became too much. The important thing is after our late night parties we always walked out of room A41 with bright smiles. We made each other better because we were unapologetically honest, not holding back when we needed to point out flaws in the next person and giving praise when due and most importantly we let God t…

8th June 2016

 The 8th of June 2012 stands out because you left without notice. We spoke two days before your death when you called to say you will be going to the hospital finally. I was shocked about the word finally and mama and I asked why the finally. We asked “are you going to die?”, to which you replied “all will be well”.  In retrospect I think you were shouting out to us to come because you were going. Grandpa you knew you were going!  There was a level of finality to our conversations that week and sometimes I wish I said more to you, I wish we planned to visit immediately you said the word FINALLY. I went to watch ‘’Avengers’’ the Friday you died and for a while after your death I wondered what you would have said time and time again ‘’Ore you were watching Avengers while I was dying’’ maybe something less cynical and more comforting. I have learnt in the last four years that time doesn’t stop because you are in pain; time doesn’t go back so you can say a proper goodbye. You just put one…