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Ore At Lagos Comic Con

I went to Lagos Comic Con on 17th September 2016, I found out about the event on twitter, I was excited to learn about Comics in Lagos and acquire new reading material.

I discovered a few things that interest me like a ''Custom Shop'', an online library and on the spot sketches. It was hard to have proper conversation with people because of the blaring speakers so I went out for a bit with my friends and took a few photos of them.

I am sure you are wondering the purpose of this post, I recently read one of my old post 24 and one of things I set out to do is a ''Photo Documentary'' in the spirit of that I will be sharing photos I take at events or on days when my eyes catch something I want immortalize in a photograph. Please I am an amateur photographer and my only tool is my phone, so don't be too critical just enjoy this journey with me.

Thank You Fiyin and Ife my unwilling participants

Pots of Happiness

I haven’t worked on content for ‘’The Over Thinker’’ for a month now but, I love the feel of my pencil on paper so I have spent my time filling my black notebooks with ideas and my thoughts on life. Here is why I haven’t worked actively on ‘’The Over Thinker’’; I wasn’t happy or excited about life and I found myself going through my days like a zombie searching for pots of happiness and holding dearly onto these pots. I will be sharing a few pots of happiness with you; I hope there are things on this list you can reach for when you are unhappy.
Pot 1 God, The Bible and the promises contained in it, I have one go to verse that lifts my spirits always. Jeremiah 1 vs. 5; Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. This reassures me that I have a purpose here on earth and regardless of how I am feeling that God has my back.
Pot 2 Music; great songs put me in the best moods, foc…

Breaking Chords

This is the first page of something really special to me, please let me know what you think in the comments. 

The shouting started shortly before my 11th birthday. I thought it was one off because when you have five people living in a tiny space you are bound to have the occasional clash. This was different, the first night turned into the second night and it went on at a stretch for months. My family lived in a small three bedroom duplex. All three rooms were next to each other and with very thin walls that didn’t allow room for secret conversations. Each room had tiny balconies that were framed by iron railing that prevented people from jumping down. When you were on any of the balconies, you become deaf to the rest of the house; they were little heavens of escape. I am a light sleeper so I wasn’t getting any sleep once the shouting started. I always wonder how my sister and brother slept through it. I became the unofficial referee to their shouting matches and I kept score because …

For Kessie

This took too long to write, I never wanted to have to write about this, but sad important things need to be documented.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I read a tweet ''RIP Kessie'' I was in so much shock that I decided to switch apps and send Kessie a message on Whats App and I was hopeful it was a dream when I saw the two tick sign beside the message I sent, praying that the tweet was a crude joke.
I returned to my twitter feed hoping the tweet would be gone but instead I saw more tweets confirming my worst fears. So I dropped my phone and made a wish that somehow Kessie would reply my text. I spent the next couple of hours in denial, wishing that she was alive and hoping for one last sarcastic comment. My wishing this away didn't bring my friend back and I have kind of come to terms with it. I love letters, writing letters, receiving letters. So I have written a letter to Kessie of all the things I want to say to her and I am choosing to deal with thi…