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Ore's Camera Roll: 23rd July 2016

Back in July, my mum, siblings and I drove to Lagos market to buy a few things. I decided to take a few random photos and I think they turned out okay. Enjoy!

Letters To My Children - Introduction

I had this great idea late 2014 when I was stressing about motherhood {The name of my blog accurately describes me} and I asked my mum a number of wired questions. She didn’t give me satisfactory answers, but she did her best. I really should ask her how it feels having three children that are highly opinionated and have endless questions about life and everything in between.
To deal with my fears I decided to write letters to my children about all the things going on in my head at the moment. I will like to read over these letters and see how unfounded and ludicrous my fears are have a good laugh about it.

Dear Children,
You aren’t born yet, I am yet to meet your father or may I have met him and I didn’t notice I can be scattered brain sometimes and not notice important things or signals. So I apologize in advance for the little things I may not notice or forget.
I just realized a few months ago that I am scared of ‘’love’’, the thought of becoming totally vulnerable with another hum…

Ore's Playlist: November 2016

I think Ore's Playlist will be a monthly feature on ''The Over Thinker''.
The songs on this playlist are from Johnathan and Melissa Helser's Beautiful Surrender album. The songs on the album come together to tell a story of a Christian's Journey from accepting the gift of salvation to learning the ropes of God's love.
The songs I have choose from the album to be in this playlist minister to me in this season, I hope they bless you too.

My Year In Books

I love reading, losing myself in the problems and experiences of the characters while I read and going on the beautiful journey that each book offers.
At some point this year I decided to go on a new journey of reading  African Literature, so I will be sharing the books I have read this year by African writers and books about Africa. 

The first book I read, is ''Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen'' it is a beautiful read and it took me on a journey of the University of Benin, introduced me to the world of school strikes and the universal constant of friends choosing different paths.  
''Born On A Tuesday by Elnathan John'' was given to me by my friend Derin and I am not returning it, firstly because it is an autographed copy and secondly because it is such a captivating book, it is a story that explores things that I have thought about but never had the words to express. 

''What is the What by Dave Eggers'' my brother gave me this book and I crie…