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A Sunday In December

One of the exciting things I have got involved with this year is ‘’LifeGivaDotCom’’. It has challenged me to write about my relationship with God which is something I always wanted to do but was afraid to.
They have given me the opportunity to try new things and stretch myself.
Anytime I visit ‘’LifeGiva House’’ we have the best conversations and take amazing photos. So enjoy photos from a Sunday in December 


This is a list of things to do and work on, before my next birthday. I made a list around this time last year 24 and I did a few things on that list, it felt so good to check the items off one after the other. I thought Ore why not make another list so here goes; 1.    Dye my hair - I have wanted to do this for the longest time and I need to put myself on a timeline to ‘’maybe’’ get it done. 2.    Travel with Miss Olaolawa (my younger sister) - We have talked about taking a sister trip for a while and also sharing an apartment. The latter will have to wait but we will definitely be taking out sister trip very soon. 3.    Learn to Bake -  From cookies to brownie, nice sugary treats 4.   Go Vegan for a month - I tried it this year and it was an epic fail, we all know I love chicken too much, but I refuse to stop trying.   5.    Climb to the top of Olumo Rock - I went once with my family ‘’Mr Abidoye’’ didn’t let us climb the rock. The plan is to visit without him. 6.    Write more letters 7.��…

Thoughts From The Black Notebook

I have this black notebook I got at the beginning of the year from Mr. Abidoye {Father}. I carry this notebook with me all the time, in it I write my ideas, opinions and many of the post on this blog start from this notebook.

The pages of this notebook are almost completely filled with my notes, my poor attempt at drawing and with 2016 coming to an end; I have decided to share a few of the unfinished paragraphs.

On My First Accounting Class - 23rd January 2016

I remember my first Principles of Accounting class, I felt lost and I was looking around to find another lost soul. The faces around me looked so confident as they finished the lecturer’s sentences on the Characteristics of Accounting. I shouldn't have spent the last three years in Science class studying subjects that didn't give me the super power of knowing the lecturer’s notes. I am going to fail this course I thought.

On Baking Journal - 4th February 2016

Daily Inspiration Bake with me Wednesday Sharing your Baking Stories

Ore's Playlist December 2016

This months playlist is different for the usual ones. This month I will be sharing two Hymns I really like at the moment.I love hymns, you can credit it to growing up Baptist or attending only Christian schools. 

While I was at Babcock University we had ''Hymn Sabbath'', where we sang hymns through out the service and listened to the Biography of the composers of the hymns.  This gave me a deeper understanding, a better appreciation for each hymn and the journey it takes me on when I sing each verse. I pray this blesses you.

It Is Well With My Soul - Horatio Gates Spafford

1 When peace like a river attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Whatever my lot Thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, it is well with my soul! It is well with my soul!         It is well, it is well with my soul!
2      Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come, Let this blest assurance control, That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate, And hath shed His own blood for my soul.
3 My …

12th December 2015

A Letter I Wished I Received December 2015

Dear Ore,
You feel relieved after just writing your ICAN exams but a storm is coming and the only thing that will keep you from drowning is focusing on God, so get it right in your place of worship, prayer and word study.
Live a little this year, when people invite you to events attend, because those events will be your happiest memories of the year. Work on ‘’The Over Thinker’’ because people are interested in reading what you have to write.
Don’t give your heart away carelessly, be very careful; guard it jealously. Above all, don’t let it flutter before it’s time. 
You will cross paths with a lot of amazing people, let your guard down, let them in. They have wells of knowledge to share with you and you will be better off after meeting them.
Remember the things you are passionate about, these are the things that will keep you going on your darkest days.
Lastly don’t forget to read more, laugh more, take risks, explain yourself only when needed,…