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Ore's Playlist March 2017

I wasn’t going to have a playlist this month because of the ongoing series ‘’Headphone & Epiphanies’’ and because I didn’t listen to music a lot this month, I am trying to practice the teachings of Brother Lawrence presented by Steve Case in the book ‘’God is here Connect’’, he teaches not to glorify the means we use to connect to God, understanding that the means can only carry us for so long.
So I tried to connect to God without music, in my thoughts, prayers and conversation with people, in the course of the month I realised that songs began to mean new things to me, the lyrics felt like I had never listened to them and I saw more of God, not only in the songs but in my everyday life, through  my emotions and in my daily struggles. I really enjoyed the joy and peace of God even on bad days, and this month had a truck load of bad days, but what I have learnt and I pray I never forget is to take the deliberate steps to dwell always in the presence of God even in the most mundane m…

Headphones & Epiphanies: Derin's Story

I will be closing out the series with the first entry I received from my friend Derin, I have really enjoyed this series, getting to know people through music, I am sure you have too. 

Thank you to everyone that participated and special shout out to Mr Johnson for helping with the name for the series. 

Leave comments below on series you will like to see on the blog! 

I’m sorry Ore, you can’t ask me to pick songs and tell me to select just five. I promise I tried really hard to stick to just five but I couldn’t. I may have been able to pick just five, if only I had more time. Music is the only thing that is nearly as important to me as books (and friends and family). Here are twelve songs that have made me cry, smile, feel hopeful among a thousand other emotions. I hope you find at least one, that speaks to you as much as it has to me Rhye - Open  This vocals for this song are by Milosh, a man who sounds so much like Sade, listeners were shocked to find out it’s a he.You don’t listen to Mi…

Through My Eyes: Lekki Conservation Centre

Last year December, I planned to visit Lekki Conservation Center with one of my oldest friends Sope and one of my more recent friends Alex, they both attended the same primary school so it was a good catch up date for the three of us. Plans hardly pan out exactly how we hope, so I live open to the infinite possibilities each day may bring.

Alex invited one of his friends Femi, that lived not far from Lekki Conservation Center, we were about to start our tour, we meet Ife and Bukky. They all attended the same University and we became a happy group of 6.

I plan to visit again but this time with a picnic basket.

Enjoy the photos below!

P.S  Shout out to Bukky for the photos, we discovered we have a lot in common and have new adventures planned. So maybe Ore and Bukky road trip blog post coming soon! Who knows, embrace the infinite possibilities.

Half Truths and Lasting Memories

This post is inspired by  Nanya Kooper's collection of poems 14. 

Today I read a collection of poems titled “14” by Nanya Kooper. “To those who have found happiness in the arms of another” is what the dedication of the collection read.   This got me thinking as to whether or not I qualify to read this book and if I truly found happiness in the arms of another. I didn’t dwell on my question for long, I proceeded to reading the collection and my answer was waiting for me when I finished reading and I wrote it down, so here it is. Many times when love ends, we often remember only the hurt and the pain that comes with the end, the things that broke us and all the rough edges that bruised our skin. We forget the sweetness that was at the centre of our lost love, the things that made us catch our breath and the things that made us fall in love.
The first poem in the collection is by E.E Cummings:
Love is thicker than We Forget
Love is thicker than we forget More thinner than a wave is wet M…

Headphones & Epiphanies: Moriyike's Story

It's hard to pick one or two songs that describe certain phases and stages in my life. Music is so beautiful,many times it feels like air- fresh air (although air that has oxygen is air is more important). When I feel overwhelmed with worry or stress- I turn up the volume to Uptown Funk and within minutes I'm the star of a one-woman party- everyone else oblivious to the reason behind the solitude smile- trying so hard not to burst a move. Do you have moments where you find yourself dancing or bopping your head with no audible music- just dancing to the tune in your head? It's hilarious- happens to me all the time.
Each time I think about Casting Crown's 'East to West'- I remember my time at Covenant University. My friends and I loved this song! Listened to it so much, that I cannot bear to listen to it anymore (I hate to admit this). Nonetheless, for me it's just a song that poetically portrays the endless love that God has for us- to forgive our sins, and w…

Headphones & Epiphanies: Anthony's Story

I love to see stories to the songs I listen to. They shape some of the best stories in my head. 

Jon Bellion- Guillotine
Firstly discovering the sounds of Jon Bellion was my musical highlight for 2016. He is a musical genius with great arrangements and voice. Guillotine is my best song on the The Human Condition album. It is a story of trust and acceptance by another even with the baggage acquired in the journey of life. 
Jon Bellion - Hand of God
Yes i am a fan! Yes he is really that good. Hand of God tells stories of the struggle of life, trust in the Hand of God for overcoming them all. We are so easily caught up our way, i can always just relate to the story in this song. 
Tye Tribett - You are Good 
This is my go to song. It reminds me that my lows are not my destination, just checkpoints on my journey. This song allows me appreciate the oscillating nature of life and the constant nature of my God
My last two songs go together as they are of the same genre. 
Nat King Cole - Unforgettable…