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Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil Week Two by RepJ360

God loves you" and "Jesus loves you" have been the punchline of every evangelical mission. So much so that for those of us in the part of the world that have heard of Jesus it has become stale news. So when someone comes over to you and says "Jesus loves you" you respond with a scowl and a "I know!! Ah!", not half knowing anything. But even after that the love is still there. No worries.

The Love of God is a weird thing. You cannot compare it to anything, you might want to say, think of a mother and her newborn child, the amount of love in that - NO! God's love is more. You literally cannot compare it to anything. It's deep... Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Unrealistic even. Yeah. God's love is unrealistic, it transcends the reality we live in. Think about that for a second.So when you feel bad or someone tries to make you feel bad, take it to God, His love would not turn you way, as long as you are coming to Him, He is there for you.
This Week:


A reply to Ore Fakorede’s “I Told My Mother About You” By Onomesan Oyo

I Told My Alter Ego About You He met someone and my spirit left my body I have kind eyes too and my heart can be soft 15% of the time if you are patient enough to wait after I block you out for the hundredth time I laugh harder than the sound your generator makes{I hope that counts too} I will not cry shamelessly about things but I’m willing to let you into my soul if you would come for the bus ticket I know that there is a tallness that has nothing to do with height but I can give you that and every inch of my 5ft’10inch self ;) I pray like everyone in the world holds hands and sings kumbaya and I write emails to Jesus but I promise you He still replies me I can teach you many things without opening my mouth too, show you the world through my eyes, my soul and all my different alter egos{I promise I’m not a psychopath} Your rough edges are reminiscent of  a very beautiful masterpiece that made me pause for almost an eternity the last time I was at Rele Art gallery, in other words I wouldn’t …

The Interview Series:Moriyike Mejabi

What is your name? Moriyike Mejabi What do you currently do as a job? Information Technologist As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Hmm.. That’s a tough one- a journalist, then a designer, anything with travelling! Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job? Not really- I didn’t think about it as much- until I had to fill my JAMB form (to get into the University). SMH. At what point in time did you change your mind about that dream job? When I filled my JAMB form. Why did you study what you studied in university? If you have a do over will you study the same course? I consulted a bit with some successful adults at the time- and just looked at the possibilities- felt Computer Science would be a great fit. If I could have a do over- I now think this field is actually great for me, but I would explore Psychology as well.
How did the ‘’reality of adulthood’’ affect your dreams? I realized that it’s all about those skills! And you’ve got to put…

The Interview Series:Oluwatobi Bamgboye

What do you currently do as a job? I am a pastor, a Christian Minister. I am also an entrepreneur, I basically run a vegetable farm and an Agro-business. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? Among other things, I wanted to be a Pastor. I also wanted to be a doctor, or something in the medical line. Did primary school and secondary school shape your ideas about your dream job? I think that certain school experiences distracted me and shaped into me what I thought was supposed to be my dream job. I felt I needed to prove a point that I was intelligent. So, against deep personal convictions in SSS 1, I held on to my dream of becoming a doctor which at this point was no longer deeply rooted. The students considered more intelligent in my class were grouped into the science class. I was one of them and following my convictions would have seemed like making a statement that I wasn't up to the task of coping in the science class. At what point in time did you change your mi…

Random Facts: Oreoluwa Abidoye

A really good friend drew my attention to the fact that I haven’t uploaded a lot of  original content on The Over Thinker this year so the month of May will be dedicated to sharing more of myself with my readers from journal entries to facts about me and a truck load of embarrassing things.
So here goes, 10 random things about me that you may not know.
I wave at people in traffic, sometimes I even greet  or give a compliment. I do this because I find driving in Lagos traffic very boring, I like to see the smile it puts on people’s face and the deep look of confusion that flashes across their face when they try to figure out if they know me.
Time to come clean, so the first letter of the Letter Series: Her version of events is loosely based on someone I met in August of 2015, I had this instant connection with the person and spent the next few months getting to know him but I understood that we would never be more then friends and the first letter of the series was my way of saying goo…

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil By RepJ360

Confessions are a powerful thing, they let the world around you know your truth. But most importantly they let you know your truth. It's funny, when you think something, it isn't quite true yet, but the moment you say it out there's no going back from there. And that's what a confession is, also known as an affirmation, something you say to get the wheels of progress turning. That is just the power of the spoken word, a power that is of course a two edged sword, meaning if you speak negative it'll be wheels of decline that'll start moving. Hence, the undeniable power of song - good songs make you feel good, bad songs make you feel... 
Devotional Playlist is a collection of good songs - posted daily - that have taught us (RepJ360) something new and reminded us about something old. These songs have been known to lift our spirits and put positive words in our mouths for the world to hear. Everyday a new song would be posted with a message from it. At the end of 7 d…

Ore's Playlist May 2017

My playlist is long overdue, I couldn’t decide what songs to put on my list. I finally narrowed it down to these songs. I really love these songs I hope you enjoy them.
“I Told You” By Bemyoda: I have listened to this song on replay since Friday the 12th May. I really like the journey the lyrics take me on.  This is one of my best lines in the song. ‘’Don’t listen for strange hearts listen for mine, I will be the voice that tells you to fight for life, for freedom’’. This speaks to me in this season where I have a lot of decisions to make and so many opinions.

“Come As You Are” By Shane & Shane: I came across Shane & Shane; The Worship Initiative, Vol 12, by accident but if you are a believer in the fact that all things are connected, like I am, then I found it when I needed it the most. A line in the song sings ‘’Lay down your hurts, lay down your heart come as you are’’, this hit all the right spots with me, because of the hurt I carry around. I have sang it so many times and…