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Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - Week Five by RepJ360

The notion of love is one that has been clouded by many ideas for a very long time. Chief of which is the "ride into the sunset" idea of love - at the end of the movie the man and the woman ride into a picturesque sunset which insinuates happiness, peace, prosperity and all the other good kinds of things. Sadly, when we get that moment in the sunset in real life (if we get it), the sun will rise again the next day and there would countless more sunrises after that. We are not equipped to handle what comes next, because in our heads the movie should have ended. So when things start getting hard and less picturesque we automatically start to think some is wrong and therefore we need to perhaps end it. But know this; Love is not always "lovey-dovey", love is not always sweet words and grand gestures. It is a battle that we wage, it is a decision that we make, it is an action that we take or an action we choose not to take. The world would continue to sell the idea of …

Letters To My Husband - Lists And Expectations

Dear Husband, A few months ago, I tore up the list I made for you; the list included all the thing I hoped you would be, it was a huge relief for me because then I don’t have to feel like I was settling whenever I liked someone that didn’t check every box of my well thought out list. I replaced my list of more than 20 items with just two items I think are of utmost importance, I will be sharing those two things with you but first,a few things I have learnt. One, God is preparing me for you and our children, with the lessons learnt in the most unusual ways, I am not great at asking for help when it comes to house chores, I have a system and I don’t like when it is altered,  a few weeks ago I felt the unusual desire to ask for help when I was working in the house, I learnt that my system may not always be the best approach and working with another person cuts my work in half, this is making me more open to others suggestions and less stuck up in my ways. I believe this is a vital tool th…

Olubukunola Tijani's Playlist

I love music a lot and I believe it speaks to me in ways I can't imagine. I enjoy music with deep lyrics that teach me and help me in different situations I find myself, I love music that help keep me in God's presence and remind me of His never ending love for me and the essence of my purpose in life. So many songs have touched my life but I'd love to share some that are currently on repeat for me and have also stayed with me for a long time now.
What a Beautiful name by Hillsong: This song reminds me always of the person who God is and what He means to me. Whenever I feel like worshiping God and remind myself of the things He has done for me I sing this in my head. God's name is powerful, He's been there even from the beginning of creation, The song says he's the word made flesh, He's name is powerful and will remain with me even till the end of time.Letting Go by Steffany Gretzinger: I love Bethel music and Steffany Gretzinger is like a role model for me. …

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - Week Three by RepJ360

"God is not a human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does He Speak and not act? Does He promise and not fulfill.
God is not a man. Thank God for that. If God were man, repentance would be a tedious business. With God, because of Jesus, we need only ask with a contrite heart and our forgiveness is certain. He holds His word higher than Himself so that when he says a thing he will do it unfailing, so that when he gives a promise it will not go forth without accomplishing what it is sent out to. It is this kind of person that you can trust with all your heart because Numbers 23:19.
This week:
Lord your word is the Voice Of Truth and it says your Shoulders bare our shame. We believe repentance Dare('s) You To Move in our lives. We will always Trust In You. It's Alright because I'm Yours.
Devotional Playlist is a collection of good songs - posted daily - that have taught us (RepJ360) something new and reminded us about the love of God. The…