Pretty, Cute or Beautiful

Dear Readers,

A few weeks ago, I was reading in my bathroom (Yes it is one of the things on an endless list of weird things I do) and the words of ‘’Pretty, Cute and Beautiful’’ started pouring into my mind and wouldn’t let me concentrate on the book I was reading.
So I picked up my phone, opened onenote and started to type with the ‘’Gold Frame Mirror’’ looking down at me.

I published it  last week on my blog after getting feedback from a few people, Demi who worked on the initial edit thank you so much, Dr Abidoye (Mama) reading and making suggestions on how to start, how best the words fit together, thank you for being my biggest fan, Mr Mayor who read and gave tips for improvement, Sir Alex for cheering me on and Josh for the final read. ‘’The Over Thinker’’ is very grateful.  

Since publishing ‘’Pretty, Cute or Beautiful’’ I have received many beautiful comments both in the comment section of the blog and in personal messages, this overwhelmed me and I am very grateful for all your beautiful words.  

Something stood out to me in all the conversations I had in the last week, a large number of people said how relatable the post was, how they felt the way I did at some point in their lives.

One of my friends sent me an email detailing her own journey to self acceptance, self love and feeling comfortable in her skin.

This made me decide to start a ‘’Pretty Cute or Beautiful’’ page on my blog where I will share other people’s stories, create a space that documents different people's journey to self acceptance, self love and feeling comfortable in their skin.

So we know we are never alone in our struggles.

If you wish to share your own journey, write it out and send your write up to me (, please send a photo of yourself along with the write up.
You are also welcomed if you wish to share anonymously.



I finally had the time and 'good internet service' to go through the latest post on your blog. Thank God. Thank you for that beautiful piece. Thank you for being beautiful inside and out.  Such great talent. It reminded me of myself when I was in secondary school. I never at a point believed I was beautiful. I got teased a lot because of the 'big behind. The fact I still carried food to school till SS3 didn't help matters. Most of the time I hated having to go to school cause I knew I did get teased again. As much I tried to smile through the teasing in front of everyone, I did go back home feeling really sorry for myself and wished I was someone else. I also tried terrible dieting skills and funny walking postures to feel different. I had no one to talk to about how I felt.Although a couple of my male friends admitted I was beautiful but I never believed.
In my final year in secondary school (weeks before my graduation) I told myself I don't care anymore. I am going to be comfortable with my body whether anyone likes it or not. I won't wait for anyone to validate my beauty. I am a beautiful woman inside and out. Over the years at different points I still struggled with feeling beautiful.

I thank God for who we have grown to become 'BEAUTIFUL PHENOMENAL WOMEN'.